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From basic courses to standardized test prep, our team is available 7 days a week to assist with your educational needs. Our team of tutors offers a variety of tutoring choices to fit your budget. Every tutoring session is built around a custom strategy unique to each students learning method, ensuring optimal success.

K-12 Core Curriculum

From elementary school through high school, our tutors will identify a student learning style and we build a strategy to fit one’s needs. As a result, we provide tutoring for all students K-college in Math, Sciences, English, Foreign Languages, and more! Even more, the tutors working for us have spent years mastering and teaching Common Core.


ACT & SAT Preparation

Aydin’s Academy has comprehensive and in-depth courses for standardized tests. By the end of the course, students can keep a pace through the test, identify question types, avoid bait answers, and quickly apply strategies to answer correctly. Therefore, we have multiple students achieving perfect scores every year.


College & Academic Counseling

Academic success is only possible with proper counseling. Proudly, with over a decade of experience in helping students gain acceptance to the top schools, Aydin’s Academy understands what schools look for in applicants. The academic counseling we provide results in customized schedules for students that are both extremely competitive and manageable.


AP, IB & Honor Courses

For students who like the extra challenge, our staff has over a decade of experience teaching these AP, IB & Honors courses in a comprehensive way, ensuring success in class and on exams. Due to catering to each student’s unique learning style, they are provided with formula and strategy sheets that enable them to work out examples, and lectures on upcoming material.


Home School & Online Courses

Many students use homeschooling and online courses in order to get ahead academically. Because we lend years of expertise, our team of tutors can offer support and lessons for students who are studying independently. As a result, students  can expect to achieve A’s in their courses.


College Level Tutoring

Graduates that chose to further their education at a University, are offered one-on-one and group tutoring for select college-level courses. Furthermore, we can assist you throughout the entire course, or at an hourly rate for specific topics, you see fit. Above all, our tutors will create a custom strategy to ensure your success. 


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